Sunday, 29 March 2009

Antique card

I was asked to show the antique Mother's Day card I bought for my mum - here it is, unfortunately no date but we're guessing it's Edwardian so pretty much 100 years old. There's an address and a note on it which makes it even more special. Who sent it.....? Who was it sent to....? Fascinating!


Aimes said...

This is amazing Kate! The mind wonders as to the story behind it doesn't it?! What a fab, unique gift!

Sara said...

Wow - it looks in great condition. Hope I look as good at that age (who am I kidding!).

You've been tagged by the way. It's a photo tag game, hope you have time to play, details on my blog.

Sara xx

Steph said...

100 years old? gosh....does make you wonder about the story behind it.... said...

Your Antique Mothers card is very beautiful. It looks to be in exceptional condition.

Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Kate

Wow, amazing !

Are you going to look for a family - that would be brilliant if you could find them...

K x