Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Summer Days

Hi all! I had every intention of posting last night but got totally caught up with Murray's match at Wimbledon - wow, what an epic!! It was so tense I could barely watch, I can only imagine how amazing the atmosphere must have been like on Centre Court!

As well as Wimbledon one of the things I love about summer is mouth-watering summer fruits - every Thursday I buy several punnets of strawberries from our local Farmer's Market and I've been going crazy for blueberries too. Over the weekend I bought these:

And had a very productive day's cooking with them:

Blueberry and Vanilla muffins, Blueberry conserve and a Blueberry and Apple pie... like crafting I adore the creative process of baking, and they all taste pretty good too!!

Yesterday we set a new challenge over on A Passion for Papertrey - this week it's all about buttons. Here are my samples for the challenge:

I sewed all the buttons onto the card in a rough heart shape:

And made a matching notebook with my new Bind-It-All, definitely need some more practice as using this but I just love it's possibilities!

All details and info on entering the challenge (there's always a prize!) are on A Passion for Papertrey.

Thanks for visiting!

Kate x


Anesha said...

Your baked products look wonderful!! Great card and project as well. Anesha

Emma said...

Oh my Kate, I am just gonna have to move closer to Taunton if that's what's on offer - beyond scrummy - how are you so slim?

Your card and gift are simply stunning - I love the elegance of the simplistic heart shape made of buttons x

Steph said...

Ooooo yum, yum! Well done you, they all look gorgeous x

Aimes said...

*DROOL* Kate how could you post such mouth-watering, scrummy, delicious fruity treats when I'm supposed to be on a diet!! I'd totally fail if I was near that table of treats LOL! Just love blueberries (along with strawberries and cherries!)! If you ever need a second opinion on taste you've got my address!

melody said...

oh YUMMY! look at those scrumptious blueberries..and wow ~ all that baking! you go girl!

and fabulous card and project! lovin all those sewed buttons ~ beautiful work chickie


Bekka said...

Wow - all that baking is making me hungry!

Loved the tennis too - did not get anything useful done at all on Monday evening and looks like this afternoon may have to be a write off too!



PS - great projects

Sara said...

Love this card and notebook set. The buttoned heart is fabulous. I really must use more buttons!

What a coincidence. I finally got round to using my Bind-it-all a few days ago - but I've had mine forever and only just unwrapped it *guilty smile*. Have fun.

Sara xx

Anonymous said...

OMG Kate are you for real?! So impressed with your baking skills - yum :) Tried to buy that dress you used for ILWS inspirtion - Jasmine's size sold out :(
Stephanie xxx

Alex said...

WOW: You are talented in more ways than one, lol... the baking looks scrummy!

Love the projects you've made with the buttons, great job with the BIA machine.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x