Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I thought I'd share a few pics of my hols in Switzerland - it's such a beautiful country, full of exquisite architecture:

Picturesque lakes:

Fabulous shopping (how funky are these!)

Spectacular mountains and cows that actually do wear bells lol!

Not to forget the chocolate...mmm the chocolate! This was in the Lindt factory shop - where shoppers walk round with trolleys...just for chocolate! That's my kinda shop!

And I was lucky to share it with some fabulous friends, this is me with Susie (who I blame my stamping addiction on!) - seems after spending a week with a group of Aussies turned me into one!

Thanks for visiting !

Kate x


Emma said...

Swooon - a chocolate super market -how dreamy is that. I know I shouldn't say it but... the hills are alive with the sound of music -it looks exactly like the scene from the film.

I am so glad you had a great time but I am selfish and it's great to have you back too :D

Luv, Emma x

Saxo Stamper said...

Oh Kate, thanks for sharing, wonderful photos and boy, my idea of fun a chocolate shop..... a HUGE one at that. Love the picture of the little house best - so cute.

k x

Vicki said...

Wow fab pictures Kate, I'm just loving that house, it looks just like a victorian dolls house...lol!

Vicki x

Bekka said...

Looks brilliant! I am sooooooo pleased that you had a good time :-)

Love the photo of of the lake and the bike - fab

I NEED those shoes!

Thank you for sharing


Ann said...

Such great photos Kate - you've made Switzerland look just how I imagine it to be!

Tina said...

Oh my god, look at these shoes, they are so beautiful. But you couldn´t walk up the mountains with them, hehe... And of course, the chocolats, yummy. But most of all I like the picture of you and your friend. Two beautiful girls. :)

Hugs, Tina

Aimes said...

OK I NEED those shoes and the chocolate! Now I'd have to stand still in those shoes because walking would just result in a twisted ankle but I have red and white polka dots flip flops to walk in...
OK going on about the shoes too much aren't I?! LOL!
Great to have you back in blogland hun!

Sara said...

Glad you had such a great holiday. Looks like you've got some fab piccies to scrapbook, LOL. I like the choccie pic best, mmm, hungry :-)

Sara xx

Lesley said...

Lovely photos Kate TFS! The first one looks just like my dolls house except it's blue LOL!
Lesley x


Hi Kate WOW!! Your photos remind me so much of times we visited this beautiful country, looks like you had a great time and those shoes ..well let me just say that i hope you bought them. Hugs M xxI

Jo said...

Hiya Kate! Great to have you back too. This summer really has whizzed by. Love your holiday pics they're fabulous! Can't wait to meet up in a few weeks...yaaay!!!

Love & hugs,


My Little Space said...

Lovely piccies Kate, glad you had a fab time in Switzerland, oh and all that chocolate.......yum !!!


Sam said...

Lovely holiday snaps Kate. Thanks so much for sharing these. I love those red dotty shoes, and that chocolate supermarket...in my DREAMS!

Best wishes,

Alex said...

WOW: Kate those photos are great, sounds like you had a fab time there!

Have a good Bank Holiday Weekend.

Alex x

Sue McGettigan said...

Good times Kate :) Love the photos!