Monday, 30 November 2009

Wonderful weekend!

Hello and Happy Monday everyone! I had such a fabulous weekend with Steph, Aimes and Caryn -I can't believe it's over already! We all met at Steph's on Friday evening, and from the very first second got on like a house on fire!

Friday evening we all stayed up late putting the finishing touches to the packages for Steph's Papertrey Make and Take - here's me, Aimes and Caryn doing some last minute stamping in Steph's AMAZING craft room!

Then Saturday morning came (after not much sleep lol!) and we were out the door early for some last minute food shopping for the afternoon, and on to the hall to prep for all our stamping guests!

There was 29 of us in total - here we all are raring to go!!

It was so fabulous to meet so many familiar faces from blogland!

Here's Claire:



Ally and Jeanette:

Kim (right) and my lovely friend Jo (a fellow West Country girl!), who I've had the pleasure of previously meeting and hope to meet up with again soon {hugs!}!

And finally Steph, Aimes and I with our lovely friend Dawn - poor Dawn has been ill for several weeks so it was fabulous she could make it!

I'm sorry we weren't able to get pics of everyone but we were running around so much and just didn't get around to it! Steph and Caryn both have lots more pictures on their blogs too!

Steph had prepared some fabulous projects using Papertrey Ink products for the Make and Take - here's what we made:

The afternoon went way too quickly and sadly we had to say goodbye to everyone - thank you so much to everyone who came, especially those who made long journeys, hopefully you all enjoyed your afternoon!

But for Steph, Caryn, Aimes and myself the weekend was still young! On Saturday evening we had a girls night in - PJs, chocolate, champagne and chatting into the early hours!

On Sunday we were up early again to head to Bluewater for breakfast, a touch of shopping and .... NEW MOON!!! We are all HUGE Twilight fans (although the girls don't seem to understand that Edward is ALL MINE lol!) having read the books very recently and had been bursting with excitement about it for weeks!

Here we are at breakfast:

(left to right: Aimes, Steph, Caryn and myself)

Aimes and myself!

Aimes, myself and Steph

Needless to say the film was amazing, and we all reverted to being hysterical teenage girls! It's team Edward for me all the way, and I had to have a stiff drink at the bar afterwards to calm my emotions lol!!!

Phew, what a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much Steph for being such a wonderful host and for all your hard work and generosity; and to Aimes and Caryn for being such wonderful company, I feel so blessed to have made three such wonderful friends thanks to this fabulous hobby of ours!

OK, slush fest over lol!

Kate xx


Vicki said...

Oh Kate I'm sooo jealous, would loved to have made it but it looks like you had a fantastic time! (may be next time:)

Vicki x

Emma said...

What a bevy of beauties, awh I was just saying to Steph on her blog of how it brought a little tear to my eye to see you all together 'my girls' all grown up and having their sleepover ha ha!

What an amazing day - and I was so touched by your message too. I would have given anything to have been there - although I wouldn't have looked half as cute as you ladies in my flannelette nightie lol!

Big hugs xx

Alex said...

Great photos Kate, they really capture the day and all the fun we all had!

It was lovely to finally meet you and I'm glad you had a fab weekend from dawn till dusk.

Have a good week,

Bye for now,

Alex x

Sue McGettigan said...

What a wonderful weekend - so glad you had the opportunity to have so much fun with your girlfriends!

Sara said...

Looks as though you had so much fun and there are so many familiar faces there although I haven't met them in person yet.

I'm really happy that you were well enough in the end to enjoy it.

Wish I lived closer!

Sara xx

Bekka said...

I am so pleased you all had such a wonderful weekend :-) Just sad I did not get to join you and meet everyone

We will have to find another time

Great projects too!


Katrina said...

Hi Kate!

It was great to meet you on Saturday, thank you so much for your help too. We had a great time, it was so much fun! Pleased you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed new moon! Fab photos, thanks for sharing! I hope we all get to meet again soon.


Katrina xx

Lucy Abrams said...

Wow - what FUN. I WILL get to New Moon sometime in the next few weeks. (And yes, go Team Edward!!!). I don't have any stamping friends - this looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend :) So happy you had such fun. (Oh, and I have those spotty pyjamas too...) :)