Monday, 20 June 2011

Tennis anyone?

Ah, it's the start of my favourite fortnight of the year. Pour yourself a glass of Pimms, dish yourself some strawberries and cream, grab your raincoat.. it's Wimbledon time again! (If I could embed music into this post you'd be listening to the theme tune right now!)
These two weeks remind me so much of my dear late Grandad who was such an avid tennis fan that he would take his annual leave over these two weeks so he could watch every second. I also had a great (and rather eccentric!) Aunt who used to hide behind the sofa if anyone called at the front door during the fortnight.... no time for visitors when Wimbledon is on!! Will you be watching? Who do you want to win? Will we have British champion for the first time in about a thousand years?!

Kate x


Katiejane said...

Lol, you never know! I wouldn't bet on it though!
Not really a tennis fan myself, although I am quite fond of Tim Henman's eyes! Does he even still play?
Katie x

Aimes said...

Normally I grumble about the rain, but today it meant that I could curl up on the sofa after work and watch Murray! What a scare he gave us in the first set eh?!
As you've gathered I'll be watching and am so thankful for live streaming on the BBC website ;D