Friday, 2 September 2011

Happy Friday all! I hope you've had a good week and are all set for the weekend! I've just about recovered from a fun fun fun few days last weekend.... can I share a few pics with you?!

So Friday we set off on the Eurostar from London to Paris:

Wandered around Montmatre, and visited the Sacre-Coeur:

Then headed to...

... to see The Foo Fighters who were amazing!!

What a night! (well apart from being trapped in a broken lift for an hour back at the hotel!!!)

Saturday was spent exploring the beautiful city - I just love to walk, walk and walk some more when I visit cities. I also made a pilgrimage to...

...home of the best macaroons in the world. Oh and the prettiest, hmmm and probably the most expensive but hey look at this beauty:

.. I stared at it for way too long before I could bring myself to eat it!!

On Sunday we hopped back on the Eurostar (ok, missed the Eurostar but caught the next one!!) back to London, and headed for Reading Festival. Those who know me will know that I am just a bit of a Muse fan, so by this time was getting (unbearably so I'm told lol!) excited!

And finally - the highlight of my weekend, my beloved Muse live at Reading!!!!

Amazing, amazing, AMAZING!!!!!

Ok, deep breath!!!

...and finished off the weekend with a trip to the Notting Hill Carnival:

This weekend is going to be a bit quieter! Whatever you're doing have fun!!


Katiejane said...

Now that sounds like one amazing weekend! Great pics! Hope you get to relax this weekend!
Katie x

Caryn said...

I need a wee nap after reading that!! That is certainly one unforgettable weekend Kate (not for me though, I'd rather just watch it all on tv -NOT)
Enjoy your "quiet" weekend ;0)
Caryn xxx

Ann said...

My goodness what an absolutely brilliant weekend - you must still be exhausted! Great photos and by far my fav is that gorgeous macaroon! What a delight!

Ally White Cat said...

I am so happy for you..getting to travel like that and see the foo love the photos and your blog

susan s.

Sue McGettigan said...

Whew, what a jam-packed weekend! Wish I was there with you - Paris, Foos, Muse, and am I mad, I love the graffiti behind the dancer at Notting Hill :) You look wonderful, having the time of your life.