Thursday, 11 December 2008


It's been most remiss of me to not have posted 3 fabulous awards I've been given in recent weeks - the time of year is my only excuse! No matter how much I get done my To-Do list always gets longer! So without further ado thank you so much to Vickie for this lovely award:

A big thanks to Tonya for this one:

and last, but by no means least! thank you Ikki for this one:

I hope you get a chance to stop by these lovely ladies' blogs for some lovely projects and inspiration. Unfortunately I don't have time to link and pass these on to anyone today but I hope to come back and do it another time when time is more on my side!


Anesha said...

Very elegant card! Looks like you had fun and did good trade at your craft fair!

Bekka said...

Well deserved awards each one :-) Congratulations