Saturday, 30 July 2011


Happy Saturday all! It seems longer than a week ago that I moved house, thank goodness it's over for a while. Tell me I'm not the only one who is astounded by how much 'stuff' they own when you pack it all up! So I'm being ruthless and having a good clear-out, it's very cathartic isn't it? Bags of clothes ready to go to the charity shop (why do I hang on to stuff that I haven't worn for years?!) and boxes of craft stuff to sell... more on that soon;)

The property we've moved to is just down the road from where we were; a very sweet cottage with a lovely atmosphere, and look at some of the beautiful flowers we've inherited in our new garden:

Oh and good news... I've unpacked my stamping supplies so hoping to get inky this weekend:) Happy weekend folks!


~ Ali Watson ~ said...

glad the move went well. the flowers are beautiful. wishing you health wealth and happiness in your new home.

Look forward to seeing your creations

Ali x

Sue McGettigan said...

Such pretty flowers - good wishes for your new home :)